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Coronavirus Panic? Practical Tips for Prevention and Regaining Your Calm

Coronavirus Panic? Practical Tips for Prevention and Regaining Your Calm Despite all the efforts, it is apparent that coronavirus (Covid-19) has spread to communities across the globe. The question everyone asks is the same: ‘How to protect myself and my family from coronavirus?’ Here are some practical tips that will help you stay safe and limit the spread of coronavirus. Social Distancing Social distancing is not at all a complex idea. In fact, it is quite simple. Normally, we come across several people and we may hug or kiss them, hold hands, shake hands, or stay close. When practicing social distancing, all you have, to do is to try to stay at a safe distance from everyone. Rather than shaking hands or hugging, simply say good words to each other. It might sound like a small thing


Abia State – RaRaRe Community Focus

On this week’s RaRaRe community focus, we look at Abia State. A State with a population of just under 3 million people, it is  located  in the south eastern part of Nigeria and, most famous for its commercial hub, Aba. While it certainly has the hustle and bustle of a commercial city the current state of Abia leaves a lot to be desired as evidenced by the barrage of complaints that have come in on the RaRaRe platform recently. A key recurrent issue posted, is the poor road network in the state with various roads either uncompleted, completely unmotorable or badly damaged. This hazardous road network has made life difficult for the indigenes as they must ply these roads daily with no sign of respite in sight. These bad roads as well as the uncompleted ones have been left unattended to f


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Nigeria’s crying out for change

In a landscape dotted with potholes, traffic jams and poverty, Nigeria’s economy is being held hostage by the country’s lack of proper infrastructure. For more than two decades, academics, politicians and business leaders have pointed to a failing, almost non-existent transport system and blamed it for hampering economic growth and impacting on every-day life and health. However, tangible change has yet to be delivered. Extensive research has honed in on districts of Lagos and labelled existing transport networks as inefficient and in need of major investment. Nigeria boasts at least 120,000 miles of road. However, poor management and heavy traffic has left the federal network in a state of serious disrepair. Some, but not all, of the roads are paved, although most littered with pothol