Abia State – RaRaRe Community Focus

On this week’s RaRaRe community focus, we look at Abia State. A State with a population of just under 3 million people, it is  located  in the south eastern part of Nigeria and, most famous for its commercial hub, Aba.

While it certainly has the hustle and bustle of a commercial city the current state of Abia leaves a lot to be desired as evidenced by the barrage of complaints that have come in on the RaRaRe platform recently.

A key recurrent issue posted, is the poor road network in the state with various roads either uncompleted, completely unmotorable or badly damaged. This hazardous road network has made life difficult for the indigenes as they must ply these roads daily with no sign of respite in sight.

These bad roads as well as the uncompleted ones have been left unattended to for months on end to the extent that some are now sites with totally stagnant water, the perfect condition for the breeding of insects of all nature and make a trip through the town very displeasing to the eye.

Educational infrastructure in Abia state is also posing a challenge with in adequate and unsafe environments disguised as schools, some of the classrooms are no more than sheds that expose children of all ages to the harsh elements of Nigerian weather.

It is quite clear to see by this post and by the voice of the people that Abia State requires more engagement, and it is our hope that this will lend our voice to them, as we strive to hold the relevant authorities accountable and demand that these dire situations be investigated and resolved.

Join us next time on RaRaRe Community Focus as we will be heading, west to at an area within the Centre of Excellence, popularly known as Lagos State.

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