Coronavirus Panic? Practical Tips for Prevention and Regaining Your Calm

Coronavirus Panic? Practical Tips for Prevention and Regaining Your Calm Despite all the efforts, it is apparent that coronavirus (Covid-19) has spread to communities across the globe. The question everyone asks is the same: ‘How to protect myself and my family from coronavirus?’ Here are some practical tips that will help you stay safe and limit the spread of coronavirus.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is not at all a complex idea. In fact, it is quite simple. Normally, we come across several people and we may hug or kiss them, hold hands, shake hands, or stay close. When practicing social distancing, all you have, to do is to try to stay at a safe distance from everyone. Rather than shaking hands or hugging, simply say good words to each other. It might sound like a small thing but it can make a huge impact on how the virus spreads. It is one of the easiest ways to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Give a Break to Your Fingertips

If you need to press a button or open the door, let go of your fingertips and use other parts of your body like knee, elbow or feet instead. Initially, you might find it a little weird, but you will get used to it. For example, whenever you want to open a door, use your elbow or hip to turn the knob. Follow this religiously, especially when going to public areas like restaurants and banks, etc.

Wash Your Hands and Carry the Essentials

As soon as you enter your home, the first thing you should do is to wash your hands. Experts recommend washing hands every half an hour to stay safe from the coronavirus. If you are someone who has to work outside, make sure you have a bottle of hand sanitizer with you. Prevention is important, but don’t let the situation affect your mental health. The more you stress, the more you become vulnerable to the virus as stress dampens the immune system. However, there are steps you can take to fight the communal anxiety.

Learn to Be in the Moment

It is important to know the current news but don’t obsess over it. At a certain point, information gathering can become harmful. It can drive up your anxiety. If you are taking all the necessary steps and precautions to protect yourself, that’s more than enough.

Prioritize Your Sleep

Research suggests that well-rested people are, able to fend off the virus better as compared to people who don’t get enough sleep. Moreover, getting proper sleep will make your immune system stronger.

Exercise and Eat Well

Daily exercise can boost your immunity and promote feelings of well-being. Staying active also lowers the risk of anxiety and depression. Besides that, having a healthy diet is important for both mental and physical health. It will improve your immune system hence allowing it to protect you against several diseases. You can also keep up to date with the latest advice from WHO (World Health Organisation)        

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