Win ₦10,000 shopping voucher every week

Online rants and raves might seem like a mess but here on RaRaRe we make them a “beautiful mess.” You can now win ₦10,000 shopping voucher EVERY WEEK just for sharing your views about the things that really matter to you. Yes, it’s that simple! Report problems, Upload images, be part of a discussion that could drive change and get a chance to win ₦10,000 shopping voucher weekly.


  • Log in to RaRaRe or register at if you don’t already have an account.
  • Post something impactful
  • Get people to participate in your rant post
  • Get picked as the most impactful poster for the week
  • And win ₦10,000 shopping voucher

The weekly draws start from Monday to Sunday. So, start posting / get involved as much as you can to win.

Click now, to download the RaRaRe App and start posting🙂

  • ** Criteria for the impactful post
  • It must be a key social issue in your locale
  • There must be a good number of users involved in debating it on RaRaRe, within the comments section
  • It must be posted with an image that supports the summary

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